From the ecological view the best cotton quality!
The abbreviation for Organic Cotton is KBA “controlled biological Cultivation”
KBT is the German abbreviation for "certified organic husbandry"

For organic kbA fabrics, Faiss-Textil only processes cotton yarns from certified organic cultivation. For kbT fabrics, we use only wool that comes from certified organic animal husbandry. So what does that mean for Faiss customers? It means that there have been no chemicals used in cultivation of the cotton or rearing of the livestock for wool. In the subsequent processes of making the cotton or wool into yarn and producing fabrics with stages of finishing and dressing, no substances or processes have been used that are environmentally damaging or hazardous to the health (allergenic and carcinogenic). As a result, the natural cycles and biological equilibrium are maintained for man. Testing is conducted by the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), the umbrella organisation for world-wide organic farming and by independent partner institutes according to stringent environmental regulations.

Information Oeko fabrics (PDF, 272 KB)
GOTS certification Our company has GOTS certification
(Global Organic Textile Standard)

Certified organic cottons and wool from certified organic animal husbandry. Finishing and dressing is carried out in line with GOTS directives

In this offer area we have a basic collection of high quality knitted fabrics like Teddy, Interlock, Frottee, Nicky, Wool-Fleece, Stripe-Fabrics, Fine-Rips, Linings, Single-Jerseys and Structure-Fabrics.


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